EQUUS Film & Arts Fest and The Mustang Summit programs will be coming to Albuquerque, New Mexico November 16 - 19, 2023

The event will be in two locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The mission of The Mustang Summit is to educate the public about the healing powers of the horse, more importantly, the American Mustang, in programs for Veterans, youth, humans in crisis, correctional facilities, and other therapeutic, educational, and inspiring options. Introducing the pathways to American Mustang adoption and ownership. Focusing our programming on Off-Range topics, issues, and education.

EQUUS Film & Arts Fest 

The Mustang Summit 

EQUUS Film & Arts Fest will be galloping back into New Mexico with the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest and The Mustang Summit, November 16 19, 2023, bringing the excitement to Albuquerque! 

Presenting a full weekend of programming including the EQUUS Film Festival, an Art & Literary Event, Equestrian/Mustang Demos, Lectures, and other exciting events.

Schedule of Events: 

Thursday, November 16 Opening evening VIP Event  

4 pm 8 pm 


Friday, November 17 Mustang Summit Demo Programs 9 am 3 pm 

Friday, November 17 Panels & Vendors at Loving Thunder 9 am 3 pm

Friday, November 17  EQUUS Films at Loving Thunder  

4 pm  9:30 pm

Saturday, November 18 Mustang Summit Demo Programs 9 am 3 pm 

Saturday, November 18  Panels & Vendors at Loving Thunder  9 am  3 pm 

Saturday, November 18 EQUUS Films at Loving Thunder  - 12 pm  9:30 pm 


Sunday, November 19 Cowboy Church with Randy Helm 8 am  

Sunday, November 19 - Mustang Summit Demo Programs 9 am  3 pm 

Sunday, November 19  Panels & Vendors at Loving Thunder  9 am  3 pm 

Sunday, November 19, - Yearling Mustang Auction 3 pm

Sunday, November 19 EQUUS Film Fest Films at Loving Thunder  12 pm  6 pm 

Sunday, November 19 - EQUUS WINNIE Awards at Loving Thunder  - 7 pm  8:30 pm


Ticket Link: https://equusfilmfestival.ticketspice.com/equus-film-arts-fest--the-mustang-summit---albuquerque-nm


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